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Kanji ないとう
Rōmaji Naitou
Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 3
You're an F-cup right?

—Naitou to Mari, Chapter 4 (page 4)

Naitou (ないとう(ないとう), Naitou) is a supporting character in the series. He is one of Enji's close friends and classmates. Naitou is called with a kun in his name and known as the innocent pervert by his classmates.

Appearance Edit

Naitou is a young boy with black hair, black eyes and has the same unfirom with Enji and Hiromi. He has a charming appearance and always attracts new girls but due to his perverted personality she is hated after a while so.

Personality Edit

Naitou is a perverted boy and is seen as innocent pervert by his classmates or called as a erotic boy by Kankurou. He mostly uses sexual harassment when introducing himself to girls and always gets ignored easily after.

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Chapter 1
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