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Momo Tanabashi


Kanji 棚橋 もも
Rōmaji Tanabashi Momo
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Orange
Personal Status
Status Alive
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 11
She's not good with talking to strangers.

—Momo with Yaeka, Chapter 11 (page 10)

Momo Tanabashi (棚橋 もも(たなばし もも), Tanabashi Momo) is a supporting character in the series. She is the close friend of Yaeka and always protects her from harm. Momo is also one of the clis inside the academy.

Appearance Edit

Momo is a teenager girl that has a big weight and fat appearance. She has orange hair, red eyes and has the same uniform like Yaeka. Her appearance changed later in the series and manipulated her fats and became thinner somewhat.

Personality Edit

Momo is very friendly to people and always goes with Yaeka to protect her everytime like a bodyguard. She also acts as a speaker for Yaeka since she is shy when talking to people.

History Edit

Story Edit

Chapter 1
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