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Genshoku Takeda


Kanji 武田 げんしょく
Rōmaji Takeda Genshoku
Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 12
Hmm? What the? Is this a cocktail?

—Genshoku, Chapter 12 (page 10)

Genshoku Takeda (武田 げんしょく(たけだ げんしょく), Takeda Genshoku) is a character in the series. He is the prinicpal of the Renshoku academy in the campus and one of the clis in the school.

Appearance Edit

Genshoku is a old man and is noticable by his old appearance but although despite his old age he is still somewhat strong.

Personality Edit

Genshoku is very honest and just say directly the things in hid mind. He also makes students to join the clis society as supporters and seems to somewhat knows more than Hakuu.

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Story Edit

Chapter 1
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